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I do NOT support or glorify any form of self destructive behavior. If you are here for anything of that nature, LEAVE. NOW.
I may occasionally post some triggering content

I can no longer think rationally. I have so many things on my mind, thoughts, memories, pictures, conversations. I don’t understand if I am empty or too full, I don’t understand anything anymore. I want to cry, but as always I can’t. There are times when I just burst and cry for hours, without notice, other times I can’t get a tear or a sob. I’m disgusting, this body makes me feel so sick that I don’t feel it mine, I’ve never felt it mine. I just want to die


Acid- you just need to learn by heart

Bases- there’s formula Me(OH), me means metal, OH hydroxide. Just pick one metal like Li and write with OH. Li(OH) valence of the metal goes under bracket

Salts- there’s formula too Metal+ Acid residual. Pick one metal+acid without H. To arrange the coefficients needs a little of math

Sorry my messy handwriting