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I do NOT support or glorify any form of self destructive behavior. If you are here for anything of that nature, LEAVE. NOW.
I may occasionally post some triggering content

"best" day of my life. I came to school this morning (though I’m still ill) and found out that today we have 4 tests. Then some punk ass freshman’s said that my life sucks. On math test I wanted to die. Then one of my classmates started a rumor that I’ll be 20 in a month and I’m still in junior year of high school (not counting the fact that my birthday in the summer, not in fall + I was born in 1998, how can I be 20?) . Then my classmate asked me to marry him in front of my whole fucking school. And then people wonder, why I hate school so much


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Until 12 years old I thought I was a right-hander, but I’m left handed  




usual pizza margherita with ham and arugula 



man i wish homophobic people were actually AFRAID of gay people like could you imagine having the power to strike fear in peoples hearts with your homo

"If I do not have one trazillion dollars on my doorstep by noon tomorrow, I swear I will KISS THIS MAN on the MOUTH in front of your children.”

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